Monday, February 9, 2009

Moms do really need more time in a day

I really need to get my new ideas and designs in the making process...because i have a ton of sketches that are ready to be little felt clips. It's really hard with my Daughter, she's interested in everything i do. If I'm sewing she wants to grab the needle, if I'm cutting felt she wants the scissors or is trying to eat the felt scrapes. She only naps twice and they are only hour basically when i get started, i end up having to put stuff away because she up already.

Lately my clip ideas have been either Mexican-culture inspired like day of the dead or Food, Which is funny when you think about it. How two different things are bubbling inside my mind all day and they kinda don't have anything to do with each other. Yet they can because i was thinking of a felt taco, which could be a fun silly clip.

Well valentines is coming up and i really don't care much...which I never was big on valentine's anyways. Don't get me wrong though, i love the gifts and going out with love ones, i just think we should do all year long. I am going to share a few items i would love to get...if i got anything i wanted.So i saw this photography on etsy of passion flowers which are my favorite, which you can find at

Or if i had a decent amount of money i would want a original painting from Tiffany Bozic. I've gone to art galleries to look at her art in person and it is AMAZING...Really beautiful. I would happily take a painting of hers anyday. Her stuff is great..people need to go check out some of stuff on her website. GO TO

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  1. Babies are definitely hard to work around. My daughter is the same way! Sometimes I do super sessions of printing,drawing,and cutting from 9pm to 230am.By the way the passion flowers are lovely!